Parking in Perugia

Parking can be a problem: in order to better join the town find the right place in one of our parking area.

Our parkings in Perugia:

Ripa di Meana - Via Ripa di Meana - Perugia - 06126
Phone: 0039 075/5730140 Fax: - Email:

Pellini - Viale Pellini - Perugia - 06121
Phone: 0039 075/5736319 Fax: - Email:

Mercato Coperto - Via Angusta - Perugia - 06122
Phone: 0039 075/5722157 Email:

Sant'Antonio - Viale Sant'Antonio - Perugia - 06122
Phone: 0039 075/5725780 Fax: - Email:

Piazzale Europa - Piazzale Europa - Perugia - 06121
Phone: 0039 075/5732957 Fax: - Email:

Porta Nova - Piazzale Umbria Jazz - Perugia - 06125
Phone: - Fax: - Email:

Piazza Partigiani - Piazza Partigiani - Perugia - 06121
Phone: 0039 075/5732506 Fax: - Email:



The city of Perugia

Parking in Perugia can be a problem: in order to better join the town find the right place in one of our parking area.

Parking directions in Perugia

The best piece of advice I usually give to anyone planning to travel to a city by car, is to always check when booking your hotel if they offer any parking facilities for their guests – most hotels either offer free onsite parking places for guests or charge a small fee, usually included in the room price.  This is always the easiest option, as it allows you to have full flexibility without having to constantly worry about finding somewhere to park. It is also helpful if you don’t plan on using your car during your trip.

Alternatively, there are also places to park (we suggest the car park Piazzale Europa) in and around the city, many of which cost only a few Euros per day. If you are renting a car upon your arrival in Perugia, then also check with your rental agency on the best places to park, prices and also the rules regarding how long you can leave your car there. Finding a place to leave your car during your stay in Perugia shouldn’t be too hard, but it’s still best to find out as much as you can regarding parking here before you leave home, otherwise you could end up spending half of your trip driving around. 

Located in central Italy, Perugia is a well-known university city, and is home to the University of Perugia – (you can park at Sant'Antonio parking space) also known as the University for Foreigners, due to its high population of foreign students. Perugia is a city full of culture and has a great love of music and art. The city holds an annual jazz festival, which attracts many visitors to the area.

Getting there and around
if driving from Rome, take the SS3bis and follow the signs for Perugia. If driving from Ascoli, then take the SS685 and follow the signs for Perugia. It is always advised to check ahead of time what the best routes are and of course, keep updated throughout your trip on the latest traffic announcements. Driving in a foreign country can be a very daunting experience, so try to make it easier on yourself by doing your research and ensuring you don’t run into any unexpected problems along the way.

Top pick for Perugia
Perugia is full of spectacular sights, from ancient churches, art galleries, museums and parks that it is hard to choose just a few of the best ones – they are all worth a visit in our opinion, though if you only have a few days to spend here, then that is obviously not possible. So, we have selected a few of the top ones here to help you on your way. The Cathedral of St. Lorenzo is a beautiful place to visit and attracts many tourists throughout the year. If modern architecture is more your thing, then you definitely shouldn’t miss the Centro Direzionale – designed by Aldo Rossi, construction was started on the building in 1982 and completed in 1986 and, today serves as an administration civic centre owned by the region of Umbria.