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Piazza del Castello (Castle’s Square) takes its name from the Castle of Sassari, which rose up around 1330.
Since 1535 the Castle was the only Inquisition headquarter in Sardinia, and its function changed again during the Savoyard period, when it was used as barracks for the royal army until 1877, when it was partially demolished to erase the memory of the Spanish and Inquisition period. The demolition was performed with the idea to create some room for the Lamarmora barracks, today headquarters of the Brigata Sassari section of the Italian Army. In 2008, the renovation of the square by the same name uncovered an unexplored part of the castle. Among Sassari�s marvels, Piazza del Castello and the Castle itself cannot be left out by those who visit this lovely city. To easily find a parking spot and visit Piazza del Castello, we recommend you the Piazza Fiume parking lot or the Emiciclo Garibaldi one, so that you�ll be able to move freely without any worry at all. By parking in Piazza Fiume or in the Emiciclo Garibaldi, you�ll also have the opportunity to reach the city�s historic center.

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Most of Sassari’s tourist attractions are concentrated in the old part of the city. Here you will find the City Museum, the Fontana di Rosello, the church of Sant’Antonio Abate and the Saint Nicholas Cathedral. Located in the Piazza del Duomo square is the city’s main Catholic church. To comfortably get around Sassari's historic centre, we recommend using one of our Saba car parks, available 24 hours a day and always located close to the most important tourist attractions.