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Pisa is Italy’s jewel in the crown. After Rome and Milan, it is one of the most frequently visited and preferred cities by tourists. Located in the Tuscany region, this Italian city borders the mouth of the Arno River. Pisa is famous internationally for its tower, which is named after the city. An old building created by Bonnano Pisano, that is known for its pronounced tilt.

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Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 56125 Pisa

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2.80 €/hour

Rate referred to the first hour of parking
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If you find yourself in Pisa, you should definitely visit the National Museum of San Matteo, the Palazzo Blu Art Centre and, obviously, the Tower of Pisa. For those who love nature and long walks, the city has a large Botanical Garden that, according to statistics, is the oldest in the world. It can be difficult to find parking on the streets of Pisa. However, near the city’s tourist attractions you can find Saba public car parks, available 24 hours a day.