Parking Saba Ospedale - Cosenza

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Via Felice Migliori 87100, Cosenza


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Open 24h


Maximum height allowed: 2.0 meters


If you visit Cosenza, the best way to get around the city is by parking your car in the centre of the town and walking along its small and urban streets. Finding parking on the street is not an easy task, which is why Saba offers several car parks in the area where you can easily park your car. In Cosenza, you have three Saba car parks: one in the Piazza Giacomo Mancini square, another on Via del Mille and one more on Via Felice Miglori, very close to the centre. Our car parks also have the most modern facilities and the most well-prepared security equipment, meaning parking you car in a foreign city will no longer be a cause for concern and you can comfortably enjoy your visit to Cosenza.

  • Open 24 hours
  • Facilities with mobile phone coverage
  • Equipped with security cameras
  • Equipped with spaces for people with reduced mobility
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