Parking Saba Ospedale Maggiore - Trieste

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Via Pietà 7 34129, Trieste


Open 24h


Maximum height allowed: 2.1 meters


In the centre of Trieste, near the city’s port, you can find several tourist attractions. The Cathedral of San Giusto Martire, the Roman theatre and the Piazza della Brosa square are just a few examples of this city’s rich heritage. If you visit the port area, you can’t miss the Ponte Rosso bridge that connects to the fountain with the same name and the parish Church of Sant’Antonio Taumaturgo, which is watched over by a beautiful fountain.

  • Open 24 hours
  • Facilities with mobile phone coverage
  • Equipped with security cameras
  • Equipped with spaces for people with reduced mobility
  • Products and Tickets

    Hourly fee

    Rate referred to the first hour of parking

    2.10 €/hour