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The Antonio Marmi Film Museum is located inside the Ermanno Fabbri theater, in the heart of Vignola.
It is named after the Italian filmmaker born in Bologna in 1924, who started out in the world of cinema when he was a soldier in service during World War II. Marmi is an iconic figure in Vignola, this city being the location of several of his short films.The building hosts an exhibition that accompanies visitors on a journey spanning from the invention of the first video devices to instruments and “rare” pieces dating from the pre-cinema era, as the period before the first projections of the Lumière brothers is known.If you are a lover of photography, cinema or the audiovisual world in general, the Antonio Marmi Cinema Museum is a point of interest especially for you. Luckily, very close to there you will find a SABA parking available 24 hours a day, so you can enjoy the collection and the special features of the museum without worrying about where your car is parked.After you leave, if you need a place to sit down and process all the information you have just received, you have San José Park in front of you, a huge, green natural space where you can have a nice time and enjoy the great atmosphere of this city in northern Italy.Who doesn’t look forward to the weekends for going to the movies to clear their head and be entertained by the latest the seventh art has to offer? In the middle of Via Marcello Federici is the Odeon Multisala Cinema, with the best national and international movies waiting for you.

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The quiet town of Vignola is perfect for those visitors who want to enjoy taking long walks in the countryside and who are interested in trying the culinary delights from a town as old as Vignola. In order to comfortably move around the area, we recommend using our Saba car park, available at 48 Piazza Corso Italia, 24 hours a day.