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In the centre of Pisa you will find the most important tourist attractions that are preferred by those who visit the area. Among them is the famous Tower of Pisa, the cityÕs Cathedral and the Santo Stefano dei Cavelieri church.
However, if youÕd like to explore the authentic and less touristy part of Pisa, there are several fascinating places that are also located in the centre.Near the Pisa bus station there is an old cinema known as the Teatro Nuovo Cinema. This is where the locals enjoy a day out at the cinema with the latest films. The Teatro Nuovo Cinema also has concert halls and, from time to time, visitors can attend a special show that is communicated on the cinemaÕs official website. The Teatro Nuovo Cinema is located in the Piazza della Station square, just a few metres from the Piazza Vittorio Emanuel II square. One interesting fact for those who love contemporary art is that this square hides a mural by the artist Keith Haring. The goal of this work, titled Tuttomondo, is to send the world a message of peace and harmony. But if modern art isnÕt your thing, right in front of this urban work of art is the Catholic church of SantÕAntonio Abate, nicknamed Òthe Russian ChurchÓ. This building emerged in the thirteenth century and has a very predominant Roman Catholic style. The best way of visiting the area is to travel to the Piazza Vittorio Emanuel II square by car and then park at the Saba car park located here. These public car parks are available throughout the city. They are open 24 hours a day and, thanks to their convenient location (always close to the cityÕs main attractions), you can enjoy your visit worry-free.

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If you find yourself in Pisa, you should definitely visit the National Museum of San Matteo, the Palazzo Blu Art Centre and, obviously, the Tower of Pisa. For those who love nature and long walks, the city has a large Botanical Garden that, according to statistics, is the oldest in the world. It can be difficult to find parking on the streets of Pisa. However, near the city’s tourist attractions you can find Saba public car parks, available 24 hours a day.
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