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Cremona is a town located in northern Italy, capital of the province with the same name. This small Italian city is known historically for being the birthplace of the greatest luthiers. It has a reputable school for traditional instrument craftsmanship, focused mainly on teaching the oldest violin-making techniques.

Parking Saba in Cremona

Piazza Marconi, 26100 Cremona

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1.70 €/hour

Rate referred to the first hour of parking
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When visiting Cremona there are several sights that are a must-see, such as the Stanga and Affaitati palaces, the municipal museum with an excellent Flemish gallery, and the city’s historic centre, where you will find the cathedral and the Torrazzo of Cremona bell tower and the Violin Museum. In order to get to all of these places, you should use one of the Saba car parks that are available throughout the city, making it easier for you to get around Cremona.