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If you visit northern Italy, in the town of Assisi you will find many untouched and natural landscapes that are perfect for exploring, as well as other unique pilgrimage routes.
Among the most noteworthy historical monuments found in the town of Assisi is the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi (di San Francesco). This patriarchal basilica of Catholic worship was built between 1228 and 1239. The construction, which was carried out by the architect Elias Bambarone, separated the basilica into two very different parts. The first part, the Lower Church, is a crypt with very little light as it symbolises the process of penance. On the other hand, the Upper Church of this Roman Gothic basilica is a big room full of light thanks to its large windows. This basilica, unlike the other, represents glory. The Basilica di San Francesco de Assisi has been a World Heritage Site since 2000 and is the seat of the Franciscan order. It is therefore an important pilgrimage site and a main tourist attraction that is always open to the visitor. You can find the basilica in the north of the city of Assisi, with several restaurants and other tourist attractions located nearby. If you follow the Via San Francesco, one of the main streets in the city that takes you directly to the basilica, on the way you will find the Portico of Monte Frumentario and the Porta San Francesco. Before arriving at the basilica, in the Piazza Giovanni Paolo II square you can find a Saba car park where you can leave your vehicle at any time of day.

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To comfortably visit the monuments in this area, such as the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi or the “La Roca Mayor” Castle, you can park your vehicle at a Saba car park, which are always close to the city’s main tourist attractions.