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St. Peter’s Cathedral was built in the X century by Benedictine monks and restored around the first half of 1200; since then the church’s appearance has never been changed again.
Assisi – Cattedrale di San Pietro/St. Peter’s CathedralThe Cathedral rises on the square by the same name, where parking is certainly not a problem. This church’s peculiarity is that it belongs to the Benedictine order, and not the Franciscan one. In fact, following an edict of the XIII century, other religious orders different than the Franciscan one could not build in the city anymore. For this church’s construction was used the pink stone from Monte Subasio. The facade is horizontally developed, and the three rose windows that occupy the facade’s center immediately capture the attention of passersby. To get to the Cathedral, one needs to head towards the lower part of the city. For those who travel by car, of course, a quick glance to this church’s exterior won’t suffice: these travelers will need to get inside the church to get its right essence. To avoid any stress, just leave your car in the square outside or, if necessary, in the parking lot near Porta San Pietro, reserved to disabled people. Once inside the Cathedral, the austerity of its interior, restored in 1954, will immediately stand out, along with some medieval tombs and frescos from the same period. Don’t miss out the beautiful Blessed Sacrament Chapel, with its gothic style, enriched by the triptych from Matteo da Gualdo.

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