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Cosenza, in Calabria, is the heart of this region in southern Italy. This historical cultural centre is called the “Athens of Calabria” due to its legacy.
Surrounded by hills, the historic centre is a succession of streets that are as narrow as they are steep, but they can’t be missed.The Duomo, officially the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, was completed in the 12th century and is the most important religious building in the city and can be reached on foot. Another must-see attraction in the city is the Norman castle that crowns the old part of the city. The Busento River meanders to the south side of Cosenza and the Cratis River to the east, offering relaxing views just a few steps from the city centre. These rivers are crossed by several bridges from all different eras. One of the more modern is the bridge over the Cratis with the signature of the Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava, which has the highest bridge antenna in all of Europe, almost one hundred metres tall. Outside of the city, another recommended activity is hiking, with there also being the possibility of going horseback riding and doing water sports such as canoeing. And just like with any other visit to the region, don’t forget about the food. Pasta, fried anchovies and cod alla cosentina are just a few of the typical dishes. For dessert, the star dish is the mostaccioli, sweet buns with honey or figs. Another highlight is the turdiddri, a type of fried dough coated with honey.If you visit the city by car and want to get around on foot in order to soak up all that Cosenza has to offer, you can leave your vehicle at the I Due Fiumi Saba car park, located next to the shopping centre with the same name.

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To get to know the city of Cosenza, you have to explore its historic centre. Parking along its narrow streets is complicated, so we recommend parking your car at a Saba car park, which are located close to the touristy areas in each city. You will find one of our public car parks in the Piazza Giacomo Mancini square or on Via Felice Migliori.