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The Court of Cosenza is the headquarters of the city’s judiciary and the daily destination of lawyers, legal experts and citizens who need to reach their facilities for work or bureaucratic requirements.
If you are one of them, do not waste your time anymore: trust SABA to find a comfortable nearby parking lot that allows you to start the day on the right foot.A bit of historyCosenza is a charming Roman city of approximately 300,000 inhabitants, located in the heart of the Calabria region, between the Cratis and Busento rivers. Legend has it that it was here that the Visigoth king Alaric was buried in 410, an event possible only in one of the oldest cities of the Italian territory.This small Italian city is so old that it is known as �the Athens of Calabria�, and each of its streets is imprinted by all the civilizations that have inhabited it, from the Byzantines to the Aragonese. Without going any further, the historic center is a group of small streets, old buildings, churches, squares and monuments.Cosenza is a true open-air museum that you can enjoy to the fullest, leaving your car in our SABA parking lot, located in the Court, and getting lost in its streets from there. For example, if you cross the Crati and Busento rivers, you will reach the Cathedral, the Rendano Theater and the Svevo Castle, former residence of rulers, caliphs and kings. No doubt a city product of its own history.

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To get to know the city of Cosenza, you have to explore its historic centre. Parking along its narrow streets is complicated, so we recommend parking your car at a Saba car park, which are located close to the touristy areas in each city. You will find one of our public car parks in the Piazza Giacomo Mancini square or on Via Felice Migliori.