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The Maggiore Hospital in Trieste is a complex of buildings from the 19th century, originally meant to be located in the outskirts but ended up in the city center due to urban growth.
It has a quadrilateral shape and is surrounded by a grove of approximately 160 meters. Three of its five floors are used as a hospital, while the other two have been used for various activities related to the health of their patients.Because of its central location, the Maggiore Hospital is an excellent starting point to begin your journey from Trieste, and once there you can get carried away by its streets to go walking around the city: you can choose whether to walk south of the hospital to the Botanical Garden, or a little further east to enjoy the Muzio Tommasini Park.If the sea is your thing, you can walk from the hospital to the north, towards the Port of Trieste. On the way you will find the Morpurgo Civic Museum, the Roman Theater, the Costanzi Palace and a variety of churches that tell the history of the city through its architecture.In addition to its location, the Hospital de Maggiore is an excellent starting point for your tour of the city, as you can leave your car in our SABA parking lot as long as you wish and not return until you have made sure you have learned everything there is to know about Trieste. After all, walking is the only way to truly know a place, and this cannot be the exception.

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The city of Trieste has a wide array of cultural attractions. The centre of town is where most of the monuments are, such as the Di Santa Maria Maggiore parish, the Castello di Sant Giusto Museum and the Ponte Rosso bridge, among others. To visit these points of interest and others in the area, we recommend using one of our Saba car parks, which are always located close to the most important monuments in the city and are open 24 hours a day to make your trip to Trieste as carefree as possible.