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For more than a century the “Tram de Opcina” has been active in Trieste, today one of the many tourist attractions of the city. The “Opicina” is a panoramic, intercity streetcar line that links the city to its upland.
Starting from the central Piazza Oberdan, after a brief journey at sea level, the route where the streetcar proceeds via cable railway starts, linking Piazza Scorcola with Vetta Scorcola. During this part of the journey it is reached the route’s maximum slope, which scales down while passing by until arriving to the residential area of Villa Opicina. The “Tram de Opcina” really is one of a kind, and because of this, it’s a pride for Trieste’s population, that made it a symbol of its local identity. Who’s visiting Trieste cannot miss a trip on this peculiar public transportation that, along its route, offers a lot of unique sights on the gulf and more. You can also give in to the desire to get off at one of the stops along the way, as there are a lot of paths starting from those which will take you on extraordinary walks. To experience this great streetcar tour, you just have to park your car and get to Piazza Oberdan, were the Opicina streetcar leaves. The parking won’t be a problem, since not far from the square you can get to the Foro Ulpiano parking lot, in Foro Ulpiano 1, simply park your car and enjoy the famous “Tram de Opcina”.

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The city of Trieste has a wide array of cultural attractions. The centre of town is where most of the monuments are, such as the Di Santa Maria Maggiore parish, the Castello di Sant Giusto Museum and the Ponte Rosso bridge, among others. To visit these points of interest and others in the area, we recommend using one of our Saba car parks, which are always located close to the most important monuments in the city and are open 24 hours a day to make your trip to Trieste as carefree as possible.