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Just next to the station, in Piazza della Libertà n. 11, there’s Trieste’s Bus Terminal.
Parking near the bus terminal is easier than you could think: the car parking lot is in fact located in Piazza della Libertà n. 9, next to the train station. Trieste’s Bus Terminal is an important intersection for national and international transfers. From here start lines that bring to Slovenia, Croatia – Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romany and Hungary. The middle of the square that houses the bus terminal and the central station is occupied by a big green area and a statue depicting the Austrian empress Sissi. All the city’s side facing the sea, starting from the station to Via di Campo Marzio where the Museo del Mare (Sea Museum) is located, is the part which most represents this city’s soul. In the buildings, the streets and even the cafés it is possible to find traces of the Austrian Trieste, which welcomed various populations inside its walls: Germans, Slavs, Bohemians, Jews, Greeks and all the travelers that came here during the years. Along this coast it is possible to find the famous Caffè degli Specchi (Café of Mirrors): park your car and take some time to enjoy a coffee in this splendid nineteenth-century bar who had, among its guests, personalities such as Joyce, Rilke, Umberto Saba and Italo Svevo.

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The city of Trieste has a wide array of cultural attractions. The centre of town is where most of the monuments are, such as the Di Santa Maria Maggiore parish, the Castello di Sant Giusto Museum and the Ponte Rosso bridge, among others. To visit these points of interest and others in the area, we recommend using one of our Saba car parks, which are always located close to the most important monuments in the city and are open 24 hours a day to make your trip to Trieste as carefree as possible.