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Dating back to 1806, Cremona’s Teatro Ponchielli (Ponchielli Theatre) has been dedicated to the homonymous musician, Amilcare, in 1907.
It rises on the ashes of the old Teatro della Societ�, destroyed by two fires which almost completely burnt it to the ground leaving us today, as a remainder of its former majesty, the historic curtain painted by Antonio Rizzi, which remained intact. Nowadays, the theater houses, in one of the most important musical cities in Italy, an opera season which witnesses as its main personalities some of the most important interpreters on a global level and displays the operas most loved by the public. Saba offers, in Cremona, online availability for the Piazza Marconi parking lot. The city of CremonaTo find a parking spot in Cremona may be a problem: to not waste time, find it with Saba, and fully enjoy the city.A bit of History According to the legend, Hercules has founded Cremona, but more probably, it has been founded by the Cenomani tribe, and it became a strong settlement only thanks to the Roman colonization during the II century BC.It had a period of greatness when...

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When visiting Cremona there are several sights that are a must-see, such as the Stanga and Affaitati palaces, the municipal museum with an excellent Flemish gallery, and the city’s historic centre, where you will find the cathedral and the Torrazzo of Cremona bell tower and the Violin Museum. In order to get to all of these places, you should use one of the Saba car parks that are available throughout the city, making it easier for you to get around Cremona.