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Rieti’s city center streets house the remains of the Roman Bridge that is, nowadays, laid down on the Velino river.
The bridge was built during the Roman era, around the III century BC, and led to the city center, the old court, which is today the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II (Vittorio Emanuele II Square). In the I century AC it was restored, and in medieval times it was also doted with some sort of tower-holder on the left side of the river, which was used as a fortification and to best control traffic and trades. Due to the low height comparing to the water level, the bridge suffered various damages during the course of time. Because of this, its demolition was proposed various times, as to facilitate the river's stream. Said demolition took place during the 30�s, and the bridge was left under the Velino river, where sometimes it emerges from from time to time. It was then substituted by a concrete bridge, but this one too was destroyed during the WWII. After the war, the bridge was built once again with the appearance we can see today. A beautiful, ancient insight right in the city center, the old Roman Bridge has the extraordinary power to take you back, for an instant, into an ancient era. To enjoy this sight, all you have to do is park your car nearby: we suggest you to take advantage of the Oberdan-Mazzini parking lot, located in the adjacent Piazza Mazzini (Mazzini Square). Here you can leave your vehicle for all the time you need to enjoy the awesomeness Rieti can offer you.

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Rieti's old town is composed of small streets that connect the most important touristy spots in the area. Parking your car in this part of the city is somewhat complicated, so if you intend on visiting the area we recommend making your trip easier by using one of our Saba car parks, which are located near the historic centre and the most important monuments.