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Within the Piazza Bucharest, inside the Villa Borghese, is the Casina de Valadier, an elegant neoclassical building commissioned by Napoleon himself during his reign.
Initially it was part of the first public park in Rome commissioned to the urban planner Giuseppe Valadier, who was also in charge of the remodeling requested directly by the Pope when the Church resumed power over Rome.Although it was conceived as a place of passage, very much in the style of the French bistro, it expanded to become a restaurant during the 1920s and from there, its popularity never stopped growing: it became a regular place for celebrities, politician and tourists, and even the Germans occupied it as an official club during World War II.Finally in 2000 the Municipality of Rome completed restored it to its original majesty, thus ushering in its second golden age, as it currently houses a restaurant, a caf� and is the venue for national and international events of all kinds.The interesting thing about La Casina, apart from its architecture and its history, is also its location. Villa Borghese is one of the largest outdoor parks in Rome. That is why, for your convenience, SABA has a parking lot in the vicinity of the Casina, so you can leave your car there safely in order to walk around and enjoy everything this little piece of Rome has to offer you.

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Rome has many valuable historical treasures that tell the city’s history and are a must-see for any tourist. Among the wide range of tourist attractions found in the city, the most remarkable ones include the Colosseum, considered to be one of the seven wonders of the modern world; the Capitoline Wolf statue, symbol of Rome; and the Basilica of San Pedro, located in the Vatican City. To visit these places of interest and many others, we recommend using our Saba public car parks so that you can easily move around the city.