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Genoa’s Fair is an exhibition area located in the so-called Foce quarter, where the Bisagno Stream flows into the sea.
This fair also has outdoors exhibition areas, along with the more traditional indoor showrooms. To find a parking spot near the Fair is not a problem, since the Fair itself has various spaces used as parking lots; and during the week-ends, the lane adjacent to the sea of Corso Italia is used as a parking space as well. You can find various other parking spaces along the Aldo Moro Street. The Fair is one of the most prominent means of promotion of this territory, and by overlooking the sea and stretching to the port, it puts an accent on the economic importance and the fascination that the sea has brought to this city during the years. It�s worth to visit Genoa�s Fair for the numerous and interesting themes leading the expositions: navigation, gardening, antique trade, philately, electronics, education, fishing, publishing, trade fair as well as sportive events, shows, concerts and meetings. What Genoa offers to its visitors through its Fair is everything one can ask this city to offer. Genoa�s Fair has five main pavilions (s, c, d, b and the Padiglione Mare (Sea Pavilion)), each one exhibiting a different marvel. If you�d like to enrich your culture and desire to know the city of Genoa, the Fair is a unique opportunity to do so. To eliminate any cause of stress, Genoa�s Fair also offers the possibility to park in the surrounding areas both outdoors and indoors.The city of Genoa To find a parking spot in Genoa may be a problem: to not waste time, find it with Saba, and fully enjoy the city.A bit of History According to the legend, the name of Genoa comes from the Roman god Janus the two-faced, as two are Genoa�s sides: one facing the sea, the other facing the mountain.The city�s history is indissolubly bound to its maritime position, very strategic, which has made it since the dawn of times the�

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In the centre of Genoa you will find most of the historical monuments and must-see tourist attractions that will help you learn about the culture of this Italian town. Things you must see during your trip through Genoa include the Rosso Palace, the Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini and the Genoa Cathedral, in addition to the city’s port area. In order to comfortably reach the different attractions in Genoa, we recommend using the Saba public car parks, which are always located close to the city’s most important monuments.