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Starting place of the Mille’s expedition in 1860, led by Giuseppe Garibaldi, as well as a beautiful place on the Ligurian coast, Quarto dei Mille is a residential area in the city of Genoa directly facing the sea.
To fully enjoy this quarter, you can park your car and take a walk along the coast: this way you’ll be able to see the suggestive cliffs and the artificially created beautiful beaches and, if you’d like to, you can also take a swim. During the Roman period, this place was called “ad Quartum Milium” (indicating the distance from the city center), thus originating its current name. In the XII century the San Giovanni di Quarto Church and the Santa Maria della Castagna Church were built here; and in the XIV century the San Gerolamo Church, of the Olivetan monks, was added. This area was inhabited by farmers and fishermen, and various holiday houses, today converted in beautiful villas, were also built here. Both the churches and the villas preserve the history of the place and moreover, they preserve the enormous artistic heritage which, still today, frames our nation. If you find yourself in Genoa, you must use a little of your time to take a look to this lovely Ligurian quarter. If you’re traveling by car you can avoid the stress of finding a parking spot: in fact, this quarter has spacious parking lots in various areas, starting with Largo Gerolamo Gaslini to Via Raffaele Rubattino, near the Ponte dei Mille (Mille’s Bridge). In the end, you get to choose the parking which suits your needs more. The city of Genoa To find a parking spot in Genoa may be a problem: to not waste time, find it with Saba, and fully enjoy the city.A bit of History According to the legend, the name of Genoa comes from the Roman god Janus the two-faced, as two are Genoa’s sides: one facing the sea, the other facing the mountain.The city’s history is indissolubly bound to its maritime position, very strategic, which has made it since the dawn of times the…

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In the centre of Genoa you will find most of the historical monuments and must-see tourist attractions that will help you learn about the culture of this Italian town. Things you must see during your trip through Genoa include the Rosso Palace, the Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini and the Genoa Cathedral, in addition to the city’s port area. In order to comfortably reach the different attractions in Genoa, we recommend using the Saba public car parks, which are always located close to the city’s most important monuments.