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In the heart of Milan, where the most prestigious clinics and healthcare centers have their headquarters, you can also find O.N. Riabilitazione.
The studio has been operating since 1988, and its focus is on orthopedic issues and the functional recovery of the musculoskeletal apparatus. To this end, O. N. Riabilitazione is known for the use of the Recovery Approach Centered on the Patient, an approach which engages the patient with the aim to help him manage his orthopedic problem on his own. Getting here by car is not a problem, and finding a parking spot is not a problem too: the parking lot in Piazza Cardinal Ferrari is, in fact, at your disposal. By parking your car near the studio you�ll also be able to reach other specialized centers in the same area, as well as the the city center too, in case you�d wish to take a walk in the city. The ON Riabilitazione physical therapy studio is located on Via Quadronno, 16 Milan. For information or reservations, you can call the number (+39) 02-58324411.

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