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In via Quadronno n. 29, right in the city center, it’s located the “La Madonnina” Healthcare Center, which offers an enormous range of healthcare services.
Operating since 1958 and founded three years before that, this structure has the highest healthcare standards on a national level. The overall occupied area is circa 5.600 sqm, it has 131 beds and extends on 9 floors. The hospital has 5 operating rooms and a delivery room. For those who arrive here by car, the parking spot is not a problem at all. It is in fact available for parking the designed area located in Piazza Cardinal Ferrari (Cardinal Ferrari Square): from here, you can also take a walk to the city center and enjoy everything Milan has to offer. The city of Milan To find a parking spot in Milan may be a problem: to not waste time, find it with Saba, and fully enjoy the city.A bit of HistoryMilan was founded in the sixth century BC, probably starting from a small village that subsequently grew larger probably due to the Insubri population.After that Milan, as well as several other cities, was conquered by the Romans, ceasing to be a city�

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