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Upon the hill by the same name, San Giusto’s Cathedral is the most important religious building of Trieste.
A destination chosen by many visitors, the Cathedral dedicated to the martyr San Giusto was built in the first years of the 1300’s and keeps its original medieval architecture intact. The facade presents, in fact, a big central rose window in karstic stone and, along with the bell tower, it’s covered with findings from the Roman period. The interiors are fascinating, thanks to the sacred artifacts here preserved, enclosed by an enormous Baroque grill. These objects are invaluable, also because it has not been possible to place them in a time and place in history. Even San Sergio’s halberd, the city’s symbol, can’t be correctly historically placed. Also interesting are the byzantine mosaics decorating the two apses on the sides. The whole San Giusto hill, where the church was built, is covered with Roman-era findings. If you visit the church you can’t forget to visit the Castle, where you’ll find the Museo del Castello (Castle Museum). To fully enjoy your visit to the church and dedicate some spare time to the rest of the hill, you need to park your car near the Colle San Giusto. We suggest you the Campo San Giacomo parking lot, provided with 237 indoor parking spots. This parking lot is just before the Parco della Rimembranza: the walk you’ll take to get to your destination will be short and pleasant.

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The city of Trieste has a wide array of cultural attractions. The centre of town is where most of the monuments are, such as the Di Santa Maria Maggiore parish, the Castello di Sant Giusto Museum and the Ponte Rosso bridge, among others. To visit these points of interest and others in the area, we recommend using one of our Saba car parks, which are always located close to the most important monuments in the city and are open 24 hours a day to make your trip to Trieste as carefree as possible.