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Perugia is the heart of the Umbria region, famous for the chocolate that is produced in their land, for the annual fair that revolves around this product and for one of the oldest universities in Italy, created in 1308 by the Pope Clement V.
Leave your car in one of our local SABA parking lots and enjoy this city in all its aspects: from anywhere in the city you can take the Minimetr�, an environmentally friendly train that takes you to the historic center of the city, where you can start your journey in IV November Plaza, continue to the Palace of the Priors, pass through the Cathedral of Perugia and end at the Main Fountain.Another special feature of Perugia is that it is a walled city with Etruscan arches like the Arch of Augustus (the best preserved in the city) and doors of the same style as the Marzia Gate. Although any impromptu tour will lead you to discover a piece of its history, do not forget to go up to the Giardini Carducci and enjoy the panoramic view of the city from one of its banks. A viewpoint is open and free, perfect to enjoy any of the sunny days that abound in the city.Despite all the history that it carries on its shoulders, the squares of Perugia are also the reflection of its youthful energy. It houses several universities (including one for foreign students) that make it a university city, with a comprehensive agenda of cultural events and a nightlife well worth enjoying.

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If you visit this important Italian city, you can’t leave without having seen the University of Perugia, the ancient Roman aqueduct it has preserved and the Church of Sant’Angelo, among other monuments and historic buildings. To easily travel around the area, especially if you decide to visit the old town of Perugia, you can park your car at one of our Saba car parks, located close to the most important historic areas in the city.