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The offices of the Provincia di Perugia are located in Piazza Italia. The palace that houses them, built in 1870 based on the project of Alessandro Arienti, is one of the historical buildings of this city: because of this, the building is open to visitors.
Free guided tours are offered, giving the possibility to the public to admire the important art pieces contained inside. Despite the important inflows of visitors surrounding this building, finding a parking spot is not difficult, because the Porta Nuova Parking Lot is located in its proximity. The building’s importance is also testified by the "Il Palazzo della Provincia di Perugia" (The Palace of the Province of Perugia) work, which has taken the palace as its subject. By reading said work, one can discover that at the end of the 60’s the building bore an inscription saying "Palazzo del Governo" (Government’s Palace). The book also explains in detail the palace’s history, its functions and the most prominent figures of the period.

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If you visit this important Italian city, you can’t leave without having seen the University of Perugia, the ancient Roman aqueduct it has preserved and the Church of Sant’Angelo, among other monuments and historic buildings. To easily travel around the area, especially if you decide to visit the old town of Perugia, you can park your car at one of our Saba car parks, located close to the most important historic areas in the city.