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In the heart of medieval Perugia we can find the Palazzo della Prefettura (Prefecture’s Palace). Even if the Palazzo is located in the city center, finding a parking spot is not a problem: in fact, there’s the Piazza Partigiani parking lot near there.
The present appearance of the building was given by the architect Alessandro Arienti. The Palazzo is a mix of the various periods of splendour of the city of Perugia; it was built with rocks coming from the Rocca Paolina, and placed on Etruscan, medieval and Renaissance-era foundations. Rich with paintings and absolutely deserving of a visit, its interiors are fruit of the labour of a six-painter team, coordinated by Domenico Bruschi in 1872. Bruschi is also credited with the invention of seven fake tapestries, created to resolve the problem of the irregular vault lines. The most important room is the reception hall: here we can admire paintings by Perugino and a young Raffaello. Among local glories, the architect Galeazzo Alessi and intellectual legislator Bartolo Alfani deserve a particular mentioning. On the other hand, the prefectural housing halls are less striking from a pictorial and colouring point of view. In the dining hall, fruit and cupids festoons dominate the walls, while in the hall on the North of the Prefect's halls, the main theme is flower vases.

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If you visit this important Italian city, you can’t leave without having seen the University of Perugia, the ancient Roman aqueduct it has preserved and the Church of Sant’Angelo, among other monuments and historic buildings. To easily travel around the area, especially if you decide to visit the old town of Perugia, you can park your car at one of our Saba car parks, located close to the most important historic areas in the city.