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In Verona, the city used as a backdrop for the Shakespearean tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”, mythical places become tangible, such as Juliet’s tomb, located in a former cappuccin friary dating to the 1200’s.
This place is the symbol of the tragic, opposed, and broken love between the two main characters; the place where, as the legend goes, the tragedy unraveled: a tragic misunderstanding will bring Romeo, unaware of his lover’s fake death, to his own death, which will be followed by Juliet’s real suicide. The place that has been the final resting pace of the heroin has been completely abandoned since 1848, when the Franciscan nuns left the church and its buildings. Fifty years after, in 1898, the City Council decided to renovate the place’s beauty and things got considerably better starting from 1910, when the William Shakespeare-dedicated monument was inaugurated. 1937 was the year that got us this place as we know it today. It is not convenient to reach Juliet’s tomb by car, so we advise you to use one of the nearby parking lots. The nearest one to the former friary where the tomb is located is the Arena parking spot, in via M. Bentegodi, that’s only a six-minute walk. Shouldn’t you be lucky, you have two other parking options; the Arsenale parking lot in piazza Arsenale, and the Isolo parking lot, in via Ponte Pignolo. A walk a few minutes longer through the streets that’ll take you to this mythical place will let you lose yourself in this area’s Shakespearean atmospheres.

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Verona’s old town is one of the most beautiful and overwhelming in Italy. Its medieval appearance and style transports the visitor back in time to a different era. The Porta Borsari gate, the Verona Arena Amphitheatre and Juliet’s House are clear examples of the style and charm of the centre of Verona. In order to see all the tourist attractions that Verona’s historic centre has to offer, we recommend using our Saba car parks, which are always located close to the city’s main points of interest and are open 24 hours a day.