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You can’t walk through the streets of Verona without passing by Piazza delle Erbe, the oldest square in the city where some of the most famous streets of the historic center merge, such as via Pellicciai, via Cappello and via Cairoli.
A big and spacious stone-cobbled square, right in the middle of the city, near Juliet’s house, the Teatro Stabile and piazza Indipendenza. Location of the city market, symbol and core of the city of Verona, Piazza delle Erbe has always distinguished itself for its centrality and beauty, as the archeological findings from the Roman period above which it stands testify, dating back to when the square was the central trading point and headquarter of the Campidoglio, the Basilica and other important public buildings. In fact, some remains of the Foro’s flooring and of a big palace located under the Case dei Mazzanti were found here, and next to these, during medieval times, the building of the Palazzo del Comune and of the Mint and the Slaughterhouse buildings where completed. But it is in the second half of the XIV century that the square was redeveloped by building the fontana di Madonna Verona (Madonna Verona fountain), thus becoming the center of the city life and the trades that took place here. This square preserves and guards, in every one of its stones, a piece of the city’s history, and it’s easily reachable on foot, by walking through the city streets after leaving your car in a safe parking lot. To this purpose, we suggest you three different parking lots, ideal for those who’d like to enjoy the city stress-free. The Arena parking lot in via M. Bentegodi n. 8, the Isolo parking lot in via Ponte Pignolo n. 6, and the Arsenale parking lot in Piazza Arsenale n. 8, all three very near to the main points of interest of the historic city center.

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Verona’s old town is one of the most beautiful and overwhelming in Italy. Its medieval appearance and style transports the visitor back in time to a different era. The Porta Borsari gate, the Verona Arena Amphitheatre and Juliet’s House are clear examples of the style and charm of the centre of Verona. In order to see all the tourist attractions that Verona’s historic centre has to offer, we recommend using our Saba car parks, which are always located close to the city’s main points of interest and are open 24 hours a day.