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Santa Maria In Organo was built during the Lombardic period, it was destroyed after an earthquake in the XII century and was rebuilt in 1481 by the Olivetan Benedictine monks.
Inside this church can be admired the inlays in the wooden choir, as well as the ones in the sacristy and on the sacristy�s wardrobes, made by the architect and planner Fra Giovanni da Verona; also prized are the carved bookstand and candle holder. The church�s organ is one of the most ancient of the province, but it wasn�t this musical instrument to give the church its name, but the dome-shaped building on which the church was built, called Organum on an ancient map (Rateriana) from the X century. From the little square in front of the church can be observed the roman-gothic facade of the church: the lower part lined with white marble and the top lined with cotto tiles and tuff, decorated by a small archway. The best way to enjoy a visit to this church is to get there on foot from the Teatro Romano along the ancient canal that is today underground. The church is near the enchanting Piazza delle Erbe and the Giusti Palace and Garden, so you can leave your car in the nearby Isolo parking lot in via Ponte Pignolo n.6. If you desire to start from another part of the city, you can park in the Arsenale parking lot in Piazza Arsenale n. 8. Finally, if you start from the Arena, you can take advantage of the big Arena parking lot located in via Bentegodi n.8.

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Verona’s old town is one of the most beautiful and overwhelming in Italy. Its medieval appearance and style transports the visitor back in time to a different era. The Porta Borsari gate, the Verona Arena Amphitheatre and Juliet’s House are clear examples of the style and charm of the centre of Verona. In order to see all the tourist attractions that Verona’s historic centre has to offer, we recommend using our Saba car parks, which are always located close to the city’s main points of interest and are open 24 hours a day.